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Kreative Wanderlust

desi danganan
Kreative Wanderlust
Chicken Escabeche for UNDISCOVERED SF, KULINARY Confidential.

Chicken Escabeche for UNDISCOVERED SF, KULINARY Confidential.

Earth, Fire, Ocean, and Culture

Alchemy is a team of rogue culinary creatives who was born out of SF's best kitchens. Comprised of James Beard nominees as well as up and coming talent, we seek to reveal the mysteries of flavor with every dish.


past Creations


Local Bay Area Beer Batter, Heger Farms Cauliflower, Curry Yogurt

Bacon Mochi

Applewood Smoked Bacon, Teriyaki, Nori Seaweed


Street Corn

Japanese Kewpie Mayo, Parmesan, Tajin


Chef driven bar menu for Trademark / Copyright

Combining Street Food Culture from Around the World

San Francisco is a global city with an extremely savvy food scene. For the new Trademark and Copyright bar, located in the heart of downtown, we created a unique menu fusing the nuances of street food from SF's diverse cultures.

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From fine dining to street food from any culture in the world, we thrive on using our extensive experience, professionalism, and creativity to create unforgettable menus.

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